Vitamin deficiency

Why is it necessary?

Testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies will provide you with personalized recommendations for replenishing them. This is crucial for maintaining and restoring your health.

The unique testing system is based on your symptoms and lifestyle. Its distinctive feature lies in the analysis of these symptoms by an artificial intelligence system. The data is processed, and the results are generated based on the database of international research institutions. You receive specific recommendations on which vitamins and micronutrients to take and in what dosage.

Just 6 simple steps

1. Sign Up

Doctor and patient taking an online test to identify medical deficits

2. Make a payment

Online test for women: identifying potential health issues

3. Take the test

Graph of results from an online test on deficits and symptoms, medical statistics
Online test interface: questions and answers about your health

4. Log in to your personal account

Man answering questions on an online test for symptoms and health

5. Select the result from the list

Computer and medical book: conducting an online test for disease symptoms

6. Review the results

Pictogram with test results and online recommendations for taking care of your health

What are the advantages of online testing?

This testing provides the most accurate result based on AI.

You will save yourself from spending money on unnecessary tests and dietary supplements.

You will be able to promptly start addressing your deficiencies intelligently and improving your quality of life.

Online diagnostics provide continuous monitoring of your body`s condition, allowing timely detection of changes and adjusting your diet or vitamin intake based on your body`s needs.

Personalized approach: the test results take into account individual characteristics of the body, allowing the development of precise recommendations for nutrition and the intake of vitamins and minerals.

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